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! 2005 NEWS !

13 December 2005


Dvds, Games, Posters etc.

Townsend Joins Ryan Reynolds and Emily Mortimer in "Chaos Theory"


1 December 2005

As we all know, ABC's "The Night Stalker" series has been axed, but here it is for the record...

Show creator Frank Spotnitz ("The X-Files"), announced the cancellation on on his blog ( Sunday (Nov. 13 2005), and ABC confirmed Monday that the show was being pulled.

"While I'm disappointed the series has come to an end, I am enormously grateful for the experience and the opportunity given me by the network and Touchstone Television," Spotnitz writes. After thanking the show's cast and crew, he adds, "It was a blast."

The news doesn't come as a big surprise -- "Night Stalker" was one of many series that have struggled on ABC's Thursday schedule in recent years. In its six weeks on the air it averaged just 5.2 million viewers and also struggled in the key adults 18-49 demographic.

Any show facing CBS' "CSI," which draws 28 million viewers each week, is fighting an uphill battle. But "Night Stalker," an update of the 1970s series that stars Stuart Townsend as ghoul-hunting reporter Carl Kolchak and Gabrielle Union as his skeptical colleague, couldn't break free from the pack behind NBC's "The Apprentice." Last week, it finished in a virtual tie with FOX's "Reunion" and only beat The WB's "Everwood" by a couple hundred thousand viewers.

Nine episodes of "Night Stalker" were filmed. At the moment, ABC has no plans to air the three that haven't been seen yet.

You may send your comments on the show's cancellation to the ABC from the link on the main page.

29 November 2005

Sent in by a fan:

Just thought all you Stuart fans might want to know that I spotted him and Charlize this weekend in Napa. We were at the Opus One winery the day after Thanksgiving and they walked in right before us. I kept glancing furtively at Charlize, not quite sure it was her, but then I recognized Stuart. She looked very normal, very pretty of course, but wearing no make-up and not exceptionally noticeable. Stuart looked very handsome in person. They were both dressed quite casually and were travelling with Charlize's Mom, her new husband, and an older lady who might have been Charlize's Grandma. They only stayed a few minutes for the tasting and then Charlize suggested they all go for lunch. After they left, the woman behind the tasting bar joked that she would make copies of the credit card receipt that Charlize had signed for all of us (she didn't). As they were walking out, Charlize said "Thanks, guys, for letting us stop here". Gee, what a polite gal. Well, there you have it.

29 November 2005


13 October 2005

Charlize Theron: Marriage 'Not My Thing'

19 August 2005:

Townsend Stalks Kolchak Role - Link thanks to Jen

6 August 2005:

Theron and Townsend to marry

3 August 2005:

The Night Stalker Premiere Thursday, September 29

13 July 2005:

Stuart recently voiced Lucky the Lucky Charms Leprechaun on the hit Adult Swim show, Robot Chicken. The episode he appeared in is called "The Sack". Although his part was very brief, it was part of a hilarious sketch involving the Trix Rabbit trying to make extra money by selling drugs. Robot Chicken is known for frequent celebrity voice-over work including actors such as Sara Michelle Gellar and Aston Kutcher.

21 May 2005:

Irish actor STUART TOWNSEND is set to team up with GABRIELLE UNION in a remake of 1970s TV hit KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER.

DARREN McGAVIN and CAROL LYNLEY starred in the vampire detective series, which became a ratings winner in America the early 1970s. The drama spawned a 1974 movie.

11 March 2005:

Catch Stuart on Will & Grace! Click on "Episodes"; Episode to watch out for: "The Fabulous Baker Boy".

7 March 2005:

Movie Vampire to Be New Kolchak
Stuart Townsend to chase ghost & ghouls in new pilot.

News Archive
! 2004 NEWS !

25 December 2004:

Webmaster Note: Hill of Tara News have been moved into their own section.

14 September 2004:

Sadly, the action/comedy flick 'The Payback All-Star Revue' (Miramax Films/Icon Entertainment/Moshag Prod.) fell victim to the Black Tuesday market crash and saw this project de-listed. Mirmax cited a pending Screen Actors Guild and the remake of the 1960s classic Ocean's 11 by Warner Bros. would jeopardize their own returns on this comical heist movie.

26 August 2004:


Director: John Duigan
Cast: Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Penelope Cruz.
Language: English
Running Time: 132 minutes
Release Date: 9/17/2004

In a time torn apart by hatred and violence, two lifelong lovers are forced to choose between passion and personal convictions, their fate intertwined with the painful history of a world at war.

Sony Pictures Classics presents HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, written and directed by John Duigan ("Flirting", "Sirens") and starring Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend and Penelope Cruz.

Irish born Guy (Townsend) is the son of a policeman, on scholarship at Cambridge University in 1933. On a rainy night, his door bursts open and beautiful Gilda Bess (Theron) enters his life. The daughter of a French aristocrat raised by her American mother, Gilda is somewhat notorious for her affairs, and quiet Guy lets her spend the night, treating her with respect and humor. Later, at a party, they become lovers, but Guy can't believe it will last.

The death of her mother prompts Gilda to leave England, and Guy is amused years later when he spots her as an extra in a Hollywood film. Gilda writes to Guy, inviting him to Paris, where she is a rising star in the art scene with her unusual photography.

She lives with the beautiful, Spanish-born model, Mia (Cruz) and has a number of lovers, but soon Guy has moved in, and life in Paris seems ideal, perfect. But it is now 1936, the height of the Spanish Civil War: Guy has always supported the Republican Army, and as Franco's fascists make gains, Guy and Mia both find themselves drawn towards the conflict.

Gilda does not concern herself with politics, or history: "There will always be wars," she tells her friends, "you need to get rid of the guilt." Despite Gilda's pleas, Guy and Mia leave Paris and go to Spain. He learns to fight, she is a nurse: they cross paths one night, and Mia admits that she was Gilda's secret lover before making love to Guy. In the morning, she is killed by a land mine. Guy returns to Paris, but Gilda shuns him.

Six years later, Guy is working for British intelligence, serving as a spy with the underground in occupied Paris. He is surprised to learn that Gilda is still living in her old flat but has taken a Nazi officer (Thomas Kretschmann) as a lover. He risks himself and his underground unit to spend a night with her, but in the morning she insists that their affair is over, and she will never see him again.

Stunned at her coldness, he returns to his work D-Day is approaching, and the resistance must be ready. Expecting to meet a contact, he instead arrives at a cafe to find Gilda: she warns him that the meeting is a trap and helps him escape. Guy is aghast that she has taken sides, but he has no time to thank her. That night, he and his comrades destroy a rail station, but only Guy gets away.

When Guy returns to London, he learns that Gilda's association with British intelligence extends back several years. Now, with the occupation over, those deemed traitorous to France are being rounded up publicly humiliated, and worse and Gilda knows that she will be taken as a Nazi sympathizer. Braving the fighting in the streets, Guy returns to Paris to find Gilda, racing against time and history hoping to reunite with his love one last time.

14 June 2004:

From the Daily Star a few days after Cannes;

"...Charlize Theron and her fiancÚ Stuart Townsend got down to cleaning their beach house on the same stretch of seafront. Charlize got her fit fella to bare his chest and gave him a list of chores to do while she admired the pleasing view."

11 April 2004:

Here's the link to Charlize Theron Central. There's lots of great pics of Char and Stu together here :)

3 April 2004:

Shade movie will be opening in Los Angeles on April 9th at the Arclight.

20 March 2004:

We finally have some pics of Stu and Char at the Oscars! We hope to have more soon! ^_^

29 February 2004:

ALL RIGHT CHARLIZE!! CONGRATS TO YOU!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU AND KNEW YOU WOULD WIN! We'll have some pics of Char and Stu from awards up soon, lol they were pretty easy to spot with Stu's tux. ^_^

Also for you Orlando Bloom fans, here is our favorite site for that talented actor. We think you will like it!

18 February 2004:

Here's a new pic of the Shade movie poster. Also visit The Shade Yahoo! Group for more info on the film. These guys and girls have been really good to us in providing all kinds of info on the film to us now that the project has received new life.

16 February 2004:

There may potentially be a special screening of SHADE in the next couple of weeks specifically for the serious fans of the actors in the film! If you live in the southern California area, or can make it to a screening in Los Angeles area,please let us know! Please e-mail: for more details. Thanks to the Shade Yahoo! group and Dawn who broke the news for us.

Also here is a great new bio about Stu that we are sure will tell you many things you didn't know about him :)

Great work Rob!

15 January 2004:

Sorry but the galleries and multimedia pages have been suspended for a while. The page just gets too much traffic as it is. We have the best civilian webpage package one can buy, but Stu just has too many fans. :) We are working with Stuart's people to figure out a way to meet the demands of our visitors. Thank you for supporting the page and making it what it is today.

In the meantime, please enjoy this pic of what Stu would have looked like as Captain Jack Sparrow that was sent in by Crownhelm.

And here is info about the UK DVD release for LXG. (Dang that's a lot of abbreviations in one sentence). It's in Microsoft Word Document form. Thanks Angela.

8 January 2004:

The page is back and is going great guns. We are streamlining and cleaning out the pages in order to help things run more smoothly.

News Archive
! 2003 NEWS !

15 December 2003:

It's Stuart's B-Day today!! Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend! :)

1 December 2003:

A fantastic new wallpaper from Lana is up on the multimedia page.

13 November 2003:

A new pic of Stu and Char from a Dutch Magazine is up on the Gallery page. Thanks Tina!

4 September 2003:

There is a cool new QOTD drawing by Andrea Dion on the fan art page.

18 August 2003:

Many new LXG pics have been added to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

10 August 2003:

Stuart has a new movie called Le Retour de James Bataille. It's supposed to be a comedy with Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp's significant other and baby momma), and his co-star in LXG, Jason Flemyng. If I get or hear any more info, I will let you know. You can check IMDB for more information. Also, he attended the fundraiser for the Aaliyah Memorial Fund at Quincy Jones' house on July 31, 2003. He and Charlize were there to help with raising money for Aaliyah's favorite charities. Thanks to Connie for this info!

7 August 2003:

Lestat's couch from QOTD is for sale! Check out the news page to find out how you can own a piece of the movie!

7 August 2003:

Lestat's couch is for sale! (This link no longer active)

And here is some more info;

For Sale: The Vampire Lestat Couch from Queen of the Damned Two nearly identical couches furnished the "breakfast" room in the Glastonbury mansion of The Vampire Lestat in the movie Queen of the Damned. One was used by the two groupies that Lestat had for breakfast. That couch is reportedly now owned by Jonathan Davis, the singer from Korn, who co-wrote the original songs for the movie. The other one, pictured here, is now for sale on ebay. [GO TO EBAY LISTING]

The couch was originally sold on ebay by Denny Illic, who ran the charity prop auction, and sold off most of the major props from Queen of the Damned. After purchase, the couch was crated and shipped from Australia to Syracuse, NY, where it is now located. The tubular pillows were subsequently obtained from another prop liquidator.

This is pretty much the Ultimate Queen of the Damned collectors item. It appears in an early prominent scene, and later, when Lestat, played by Stuart Townsend (now in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) returns to his mansion after his first encounter with Jessie Reeves. By matching the pattern from the two couches that furnish the mansion (DVD image captures) it has been possible to determine that we have here the couch that Lestat (Townsend) sat on.

The couch is twelve feet long, and five feet nine inches tall at the center. It takes four strong people to move it. The upholstery is of very good quality, thickly tufted on the back. The seat is a plywood bench, covered with upholstery fabric, and a fairly thick, eleven foot long zippered cushion stuffed with fibre. The detailing shown above the upholstery appears to be some kind of molded resin, judging from the edges where there is a small missing piece on the far right end. The three rams heads appear to be made of plaster and the horns of foam. The ends are made of hollow plastic, and have been attached more firmly with angle brackets under the cushion, as they were fairly loose on arrival.

The ebay auction will end just before 7 PM on August 16, 2003. Serious bidders should contact the seller in advance, to discuss any questions and payment arrangements. Bidders will need to get get firm shipping quotes from reliable movers, and will be provided a number that shippers can call for information. Payment will need to be made immediately, and movers will need to take possession of the item by August 23.

The attached page has more (big, slow-loading) images of the couch, including the original ebay ad, showing it's life before, during, and after shipping to Syracuse.

11 July 2003:

LXG is out in North America! Go see the film and support Stuart and all his co-stars! New pics from the movie are up on the gallery page thanks to Tami and Farah clocks in with some new wallpapers on the multimedia page! Thanks ya'll!

8 July 2003:

INTERVIEWS: Stuart Townsend Talks LXG! Source: Fred TopelFriday,

July 4, 2003 - Thanks to Connie for this!! :)

We cannot wait to see LXG, it is getting great reviews, the studio must really believe in this film and are proud of it!

Stuart Townsend plays Dorian Gray in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. One of many literary figures to appear in the comic book superhero movie, Townsend's Gray has a particular similarity to another "League" member, Mina Harker. Mina is part vampire, and Gray is immortal thanks to a painting that ages instead of him. Having played a vampire in Queen of the Damned, Townsend never tried to advice Peta Wilson, who played Mina.

"I think we obviously talked about it, but I think I was so relieved that I wasn't being a vampire," Townsend said. "But I got to be an immortal which was kind of nice. [She] was great. I actually didn't see this moment when we were making it, but when I watched the film yesterday and she has that little moment when she says that she doesn't need any help, she devours this guy. I just love the moment where she comes up and has blood everywhere. It was a really funny moment."

In a world filled with X-Men and Daredevils and Hulks, Townsend thinks the league of literary heroes will provide a welcome change of pace. "It's a great, when you see the league together, it is such a bunch of new and interesting characters that you've never seen before. Also, because they're literary characters, they have such a rich tradition already. It would be nice if audiences actually went out and started reading those books, younger audiences."

Townsend himself did his own research on his character. "I was pretty familiar actually. I'd read the book. You know, Oscar Wilde is Irish, but I went back and did my [research]. I got to read the book again, went and saw the old movie. But this is a different film, so I have to be true to what we're doing rather than trying to do a repeat of Dorian Gray. It's the same character, but it's different. There are elements that are in there."

One of Townsend's favorite parts of the character was his period suit. "I loved it because Jacqueline West did the costumes and she's the most fantastic costume designer. I think she really created iconic figures. When I got into my suit, it wasn't how I imagined, which is always nice. And it always takes a bit of adjustment. I would spent two hours just going through all the stuff, but I trusted her and I loved the costume."

Some of the film's complicated photography required Townsend to shoot a scene backwards. "It's a very quick clip where I steal Jekyll's vial. Basically, they wanted to end the shot with the hand on the vial. And because they have to be so specific, it's such a fast speed shot and it just stops exactly, I couldn't do it normally. I had to walk into the room backwards and then go all the way back and pick up the vial backwards so that the camera could actually focus on that one. That was strange."

With Sean Connery as the leader of the "League", Townsend recalled their first encounter. "The first time I met him, I was Dorian Gray. And the second time I met him was later that night. We all had dinner together and I went, 'Hey, Sean.' He looked at me like, 'Who the f*ck are you?' I was like, 'Remember me?' He was like 'No.' 'I'm the guy who's Dorian Gray.' 'Oh, I'm so sorry.' It was kind of nice though."

3 June 2003:

Hey fantastic news! SHADE finally see the light of day and will receive its world premiere at the Cinevegas Film Festival on June 21.

2 June 2003:

A new pic of Stuart and Charlize modelling in the June issue of Elle magazine is up in the gallery section. The Italian Job is getting great reviews, so go see it and support Charlize!

16 April 2003:

Check out REX for some new pics of Stu and Charlize. Thanks to RArb for the heads up!! :)

8 April 2003:

Here are all the international release dates for LXG. Thanks to MrsNutty for these! Please remember these could change at any time!

USA 11 July 2003
Israel 14 August 2003
New Zealand 14 August 2003
UK 15 August 2003
Australia 21 August 2003
France 27 August 2003
Switzerland 27 August 2003
Russia 28 August 2003
Spain 5 September 2003
Belgium 10 September 2003
Netherlands 11 September 2003
Iceland 12 September 2003
Germany 2 October 2003
Austria 3 October 2003
Finland 3 October 2003
Italy 3 October 2003
Lithuania 3 October 2003
Norway 3 October 2003
Portugal 3 October 2003
South Africa 3 October 2003
Denmark 10 October 2003
Greece 10 October 2003
Sweden 10 October 2003
Argentina 30 October 2003

30 March 2003:

A new pic of Stu as Dorian Grey from LXG is up on the gallery page. Thanks Mona! Also we hear that the LXG trailer will be showing in theaters before X-Men 2.

25 March 2003:

Trapped quietly came out in the US on DVD and VHS today. Thanks to LadyChrys for the info.

23 March 2003:

Here are the production notes for Trapped. We have them in a Microsoft Word document format for easy downloading. Thanks to Angela for these! :)

14 March 2003:

Here is the LXG teaser poster! There's Stu in the back right as Dorian. Thanks Mona!!

9 March 2003:

We have some wonderful news about Shade thanks to rdashnay!!

From the New York Post:

SYLVESTER Stallone's new movie "Shade" will have a theatrical release after all. The con-man caper has been slow to find a distributor, but RKO chief Ted Hartley says buzz is building. "All of the foreign territories except two have now been sold, and the movie is going to turn the corner to profitability," he tells PAGE SIX. "We have four serious bids for domestic [distribution]. I think we're in good shape, and I think it's an important turn for Stallone."'s agents have seen it and report that "age has made Stallone's face fascinating . . . those basset hound eyes buried even further in that Shar-Pei landslide of skin, but [with] a rumpled dignity."

The film also stars Gabriel Byrne, Melanie Griffith, Stuart Townsend, Thandie Newton and Jamie Foxx.

4 March 2003:

Here are the official production notes for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Thanks to Angela for this info!

Set in Victorian England, the story centers around a team of extraordinary figures enlisted by a mysterious caller to stop a villain intent on turning the nations of the world against one another. The coterie of heroes are led by Allan Quartermain (Sean Connery) and comprise some of the greatest figures from adventure literature: Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah), Dracula vampiress Mina Harker (Peta Wilson), invisible man Rodney Skinner, (Tony Curran), American secret service agent Sawyer (Shane West), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend), and Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde (Jason Flemyng). Richard Roxburgh ("Moulin Rouge") plays the League's enigmatic recruiter, M. Stephen Norrington ("Blade") directs.

Principal Cast: Sean Connery, Stuart Townsend, Peta Wilson, Shane West, Jason Flemyng, Naseeruddin Shah, Richard Roxburgh, David Hemmings Director: Stephen Norrington

25 February 2003:

The North American (and maybe Australian?) release date for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has been set at July 11, 2003. Thanks once again to DraculasBryd21 for the report! ;)

24 February 2003:

Stuart and Charlize will be filming a new movie together again! This one will be called "Head in the Clouds" and we will bring you the latest info about this project as we hear it. Thanks to DraculasBryd21 for the heads up!

Charlize Theron has signed to star opposite Penelope Cruz in the upcoming historical drama "Head in the Clouds" from Australian "new wave" director John Duigan. Actors Stuart Townsend and Thomas Kretschmann also recently signed onto the film, which is scheduled to start shooting March 17 in Montreal and on location in Paris and London.

Set in 1930s England, the Spanish Civil War and the last days of the occupation of Paris, story follows the adventures of a young Cambridge student (Townsend) whose world is changed forever by a passionate affair with a hedonistic photographer (Theron). Cruz plays a Spanish refugee who shares their lives until war intervenes and threatens to separate them forever.

Theron most recently starred in "Trapped" with Townsend. She next appears in Paramount's "The Italian Job" opposite Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton. Other recent credits include "Curse of the Jade Scorpion," "The Cider House Rules, " "The Yards" and "Men of Honor." Townsend also recently starred in "Queen of the Damned" and "About Adam." Duigan's directorial credits include the award-winning films "Lawn Dogs," "The Year My Voice Broke" and "Flirting," as well as the 1989 drama "Romero," starring the late Raul Julia as El Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero.

14 February 2003:

The Misc. picture page has been updated with some more pics sent in by a friend of the page.

7 February 2003:

Bad news about Shade we are afraid. This is from Fox News, so we are trusting the source. The movie is actually completed, but in limbo.

Shade, directed by newcomer Damian Neiman, is finished but it's disappeared into the ether. RKO Films produced it with Merv Griffin, but Shade has no distributor as yet.

And this one has a pricey supporting cast, too: British heart-throb Stuart Townsend, RKO owner (and actress/socialite) Dina Merrill, plus Hal Holbrook, Bo Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Jamie Foxx, Michael Dorn and, last but not least, Gabriel Byrne and Melanie Griffith. Publicists tried to make it seem like the latter two were having an affair in real life last year to generate interest in the film, but nothing sparked ? including the movie.

1 January 2003:

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR VISITORS FROM THE WEBMASTERS!!! This will surely be a huge and successful year for Stuart! You can visit to learn more about Stu's next upcoming movie. Thanks to DMSchick129 for reporting this!

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