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! 2002 NEWS !

28 September 2002:

For the weekend of 9/27 through 9/28 Trapped took in $1.5 million dollars and maintained tenth place at the box office, tying with Stealing Harvard and Swimfan. Trapped has grossed an estimated $5.7 million dollars thus far in its 2 week run. GO SEE THIS FANTASTIC MOVIE AND TAKE YOUR FRIENDS TOO AND GO SUPPORT STUART AND ALL THE CAST AND CREW.

We are also happy to report that Sweet Home Alabama took in over $37.5 million dollars this weekend and captured first place at the box office. Charlize is the film?s executive producer and we are very pleased to see that this project is a success! Sweet Home Alabama has been predicted to gross over $90 million dollars before its run is over in the US.

And here are the official box office stats for the weekend of September 20-22, 2002 from E!

1. Barbershop: $13.2 million
2. The Banger Sisters: $10.3 million
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: $10 million
4. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever: $7.11 million
5. The Four Feathers: $7.1 million
6. One Hour Photo: $4.725 million
7. Signs: $3.5 million
8. Stealing Harvard: $3.5 million
9. Swimfan $3.45 million
10. Trapped: $3.2 million

In other news, Stuart is still in Prague shooting The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

8 September 2002:

Read Vampvan's DVD review

3 September 2002:

Sorry it has been a while, here is some news Lizzie, a great Stuart fan and friend of the site wrote in with about the Trapped commercial on tv;

"I was so excited to final see the TV spots of Trapped last week, as I was watching I believe American idol. but to my great disappointment they didn't even mention Stuart?s name as one of the main characters (which he has a very good list of movies he has been in and is not an unknown actor). Yet they proceed to mention Courtney love. Courtney love???!!! Come on people, what is this world coming too. I have nothing against Courtney love but from my stand point you would think they would mention Stuart before her. At least during the TV spot, he was certainly shown more than she was. Well I thought you would like to" -Lizzie

And here is Garnet reviewing the DVD, please write in if you have an opinion on either the Trapped commercial or QOTD DVD! :)

"I am very disappointed in the QOTD DVD in the fact that it says it has features that are not on there, such as: Gag Reel, Production Book Stills Gallery, Trailer and they are calling 1 minute of backstage footage -Extended Concert Sequence, that?s not what I expected. The good points of the DVD are: The Lestat Music Videos, The making of the music and the vampires. They could have done more on the tribute to Aaliyah and they only showed Stuart like 2 or 3 times. The deleted footage was disappointing in the fact that it doesn't even go as far as the concert scene. The directors commentary is interesting if you want to watch a whole movie with them talking over it. Let us know what you think." -Garnet

19 July 2002:

Here's the lastest on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, based on Alan Moore's graphic novel. The movie began principal photography in Prague last week, Variety reported. The film's start was delayed two days because of star Sean Connery's illness, though some background photography began June 28, the trade paper reported.

Steve Norrington (Blade) is directing the film, set in Victorian England, and Mike Nelson is line producer.

The IGN FilmForce Web site reported that Jason Isaacs has joined the cast of the upcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie in the role of Campion Bond, a British secret service agent and possible forebear of 007.

27 June 2002:

An aussie magazine New Idea June 29 2002, page 91;

Insiders are confiding that CHARLIZE THERON will be a bride before the year's out. Friends say her hunky Irish actor Beau STUART TOWNSEND, star of Queen of the Damned, has popped the question, and Charlize said yes. They're still throwing dates around but are telling pals that December is a real possibility. Stay tuned.......

While Entertainment Tonite reported that char and stu claim that they are not yet engaged but very much in love, however Charlize did pick up and browse through a Bridal Magazine while at the store with Stuart, but did not buy it.

Also we have some more news on Shade where Stuart will star with Sly Stallone thanks to our pal Rose ;) According to her, filming on this project started on May 30th!

31 May 2002:

Here is what a fan who saw the Trapped trailer thought of it, if you see it, write in what you thought and we will post it.

"I forgot to tell you that i saw the trailer for the movie trapped. it was playing with the movie "about a boy". it looks very good if you have not seen it and very intense. i can't wait for it to come out in the theatres." - Lizzie

27 May 2002:

The Trapped trailer is now playing before a few movies in North American theatres. So far we have confirmed it is showing before showing of About a Boy and Enough. From what we have heard the trailer is very short and Stuart is only in it for a little bit, but we are still excited to hear about this! He will have a good role in the film if the movie is anything like Greg Iles? book, 24 Hours, which we cannot recommend enough. Thanks to Mary and others for reporting and if anyone sees the trailer before another movie or has some info about it they can write us. We hope to have this up for download very soon.

16 May 2002:

Here is a good bit of reasoning from Mona, a dear friend of this site who has helped us so much, on what the deal is with Stuart's next project:

Sounds like Stuart's part in "Shade" is confirmed. Several sources also confirm his role as Dorian Gray in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Now that Tim Curry's pilot for "A Family Affair", (he's playing Mr. French) has been picked up by WB, it doesn't look like he'll have time to be in "Locked & Upright." The confirmed cast for "Locked & Upright" hasn't been announced yet, but filming doesn't start until winter, so maybe Stuart will be done with "League" in time to consider taking the role he read for in this movie too.

15 May 2002:

Here is yet another rumor about what Stuart's next movie could be. We doubt that he could be in all 3 of these and hope to have some answers for you soon. This came from E! On-line's fact sheet from May 13 2002. Thanks to Mona for the report! :)

Sylvester Stallone is working on his poker face. The aging action hero tries his hand at a card-themed crime thriller, joining Thandie Newton, Gabriel Byrne and Stuart Townsend in RKO Pictures' Shade. Written and directed by first timer Damien Nieman, the pic tells the story of poker hustlers (Newton, Townsend and Byrne) who join forces with Stallone in an attempt to scam a notorious L.A. gangster. Shooting begins in Los Angeles May 30.

Btw the other 2 possible movies we have heard about recently are The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Locked and Upright, check yesterday's news for more details.

14 May 2002:

We now have a release date for the Queen of the Damned DVD; August 27, 2002. Thanks to Donna for reporting this. The VHS and Pal release should follow soon after.

13 May 2002:

Here is some news direct to us from the camp of Gregory Iles, the author of the excellent 24 Hours novel, which the upcoming Trapped movie is based on. We cannot recommend this book and the rest of Mr. Iles works enough! Look for his books next time you are out! Greg also wrote the screenplay the movie is based on. We now have answers to a lot of questions about the movie!! Thanks so much to Geoff Iles and everyone at for their info and support!!

"Thought I could shed a little light on a few of the items I read on your site. You know that the movie is no longer set in Mississippi. As the shoot was in Vancouver, the location of the story was reset to the Seattle area.

So, the characters no longer needed a southern accent. In the end, Stuart used his own accent, and it works out very well in the movie. Another change from the book was that the daughter's illness (daughter played by Dakota Fanning) was changed from diabetes to asthma.

As Greg was both the author of the book and the screenplay, the book holds very true to the original story. A good bit of the movie was shot with handheld cameras and the results are impressive. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats.

Although the TV show with a similar name was considered in the new movie title, the actual reason for changing the name to "Trapped" was MPAA rules governing motion picture titles. Another movie set to be released in the same quarter is titled "The Hours", and MPAA rules do not allow two movies in the same quarter to have the same word in the title."

-Geoff Iles,

Stuart?s next project after Trapped may be The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the movie adaptation of a Wildstorm comic book, which follows a superhero team made up of characters from great works of British literature. The movie is also reported to star Sean Connery as ?the great white hunter" Allan Quatermain from the book of the same name by H. Rider Haggard.

The League begins filming this summer under the direction of Stephen Norrington, with Don Murphy producing and a script by James Robinson. Shooting will take place in the Czech Republic and Morocco. Sequels are expected to follow.

Variety describes the $80 million film's plot as such: "Sensing trouble for the Empire in the future, Queen Victoria has the British Secret Service secretly put the seemingly disparate team together to stop a villain intent on turning the nations of the world against one another for his own personal gain." Quatermain will be "the capo of a group of super-powered individuals culled from great adventure literature: Mina Harker from Dracula, the Invisible Man, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Captain Nemo, Dorian Gray and their American liaison, police detective Thomas Sawyer."

Fans of the Wildstorm comic will recall that neither Dorian Gray nor Tom Sawyer appeared in the original comic miniseries. Tom was included to be the team?s police liaison (he will be a detective in the movie) and Dorian Gray will appear in the comic?s sequel.

Dorian Gray is the story of a vain and pompous young man who sells his soul in order to stay young and beautiful forever. Fans of Stuart?s version of Lestat, the Brat Prince, are in for a treat as Dorian and Lestat have a lot in common! Stuart has auditioned for the role, but has not yet entered negotiations.

IGN Filmforce?s Article

And here you can read the entire Dorian Gray novel on-line



And here is yet another possibility for a future movie, a time-traveling comedy called Locked and Upright. Stuart would co-star along with Tim Curry of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Gabriel Knight fame. This article ran in Variety Magazine on May 6, thanks to Mona for the scoop!:

After presiding over a reading of "Locked & Upright," "Galaxy Quest" director Dean Parisot appears poised for liftoff. Pic's a time travel comedy about two flighty flight attendants from the swinging '70s who head into the Bermuda triangle aboard a passenger flight and come out in the belly of a German bomber staging a raid over London.

The table reading was staged by producer Mark Johnson and Patrick Wachsberger, whose Summit is financing the comedy, and participants were "The Sweetest Thing" duo of Christina Applegate and Selma Blair, along with Tim Curry and Stuart Townsend.

In the script by Barry McEvoy and David Sussman, the promiscuous stewardesses try to acclimate to their surroundings, a task made harder given they can't remember who won that damned war. No guarantee that cast will take part, but the pic's poised to start shooting in winter.

29 April 2002:

Here is a funny bit of info from Deb?s QOTD cast site;

QOTD jumped a staggering 608% this week to come in at #44 on the US Box Office Charts (up from #77 last week) and gross another $93,671.

That is a good little surge and with many of the visitors on Deb?s page we agree that this is because the movie is now playing at second run theaters. So here is a chance to see the movie again before it is out on DVD this summer.

27 April 2002:

Here is the track listing from Queen of the Damned: The Score Album, which is coming out in June;

1. Queen of the Damned
2. Jesse's Dream
3. On the Beach
4. Secret Passage
5. Air Lestat
6. A Walk in the Park
7. Maharet
8. Prodigal Sun
9. The Queen is Dead
10. Long Live Jesse

Thanks to Debs at the QOTD cast site for this info. We are also happy to report QOTD had a strong opening in the UK and has now grossed over $30 million dollars in the United States alone.

7 April 2002:

The QOTD Official Score will be out in stores in June and will feature Ravi Shankar, the world's most famous sitar player! (The score is not to be confused with the movie soundtrack; the score is the original music that plays in the background during the film and was composed by Richard Gibbs and Jonathan Davis). Here is Richard in his own words:

"Okay - the official word came to me today. Warner Bros. Records will be releasing the score in June. It will be a pure score cd - no songs - and it will contain approx. 30 minutes of our score (yes, including the Shankar performances) Yes!"?.. "On some of the pieces Shankar's work is part of a larger cue and on others he is alone."

Thanks to Amy from Stuart Townsend, More than a man, for helping collaborate this info.

2 April 2002:

Box Office Prophets now lists the release date for Trapped as 9/20, moving the release of the movie back nearly a month. Thanks to Mona for the heads up on this!

23 March 2002:

Stuart arrived at the Melbourne Premiere with girlfriend Charlize Theron. A huge set-up at a concert building was organized for the screening. Stuart came out on the stage and thanked the GOTHS!! He did not say Aaliyah's name..he said something even nicer...he mentioned the one person "who could not be with us here tonight..but that she is in spirit" (Made me wish so badly she was there that night so we could see her smiling face and bubbly personality.. it was just not the same vibe I imagined it should have been... without her :(

Ps . Bats flew above our heads that night while we watched the movie; most of the crowd was in an open space as this venue has half a roof; some even stretched out on the grass and they all watched the Queen of the Damned for the first time. The vibe in the crowd was so good..that my friends said that it was the best and most awesome night they have ever experienced. So far no-one took photos of the crowd to capture that vibe.

21 MArch 2002:

We have heard from a good source that the title of the film, 24 Hours starring Stuart and Charlize, has been changed to Trapped:

Columbia Pictures bring us "24 Hours," which may very well be confused among some with the Keifer Sutherland television series, "24". Similar in name, both projects at least partially concern a kidnapping. Sony has gone with the name "Trapped" as opposed to "24 Hours," probably in an effort to distinguish the film a bit from the tv show. (Kim Hollis/BOP) - (Please note that news regarding movies can change at any time ;) - the webmasters.)

You can read the full article at Box Office Prophets. Thanks to Rose for the heads up! :)

We are also happy to report Queen of the Damned will soon gross over $30 million dollars after last weekend's Box Office has been added up.

15 March 2002:

We would like to thank Rose for telling us that 24 Hours is currently scheduled for an August 23rd release. (Of course this date is subject to change).

13 March 2002:

We would like to thank Amber for pointing out the big QOTD prop auction going on at e-bay. Check this out for a chance to buy some of the props from the movie.

11 March 2002:

Queen of the Damned took in additional $2.34 million this weekend, putting the movie's total gross near $28 million dollars with the film still to be released in many countries. QOTD producer, Jorge Saralegui, once again has a number 1 movie this week with The Time Machine, which took in more than $22 million dollars.

5 March 2002:

Stuart is featured in the March 2002 Issue of WMagazine. You can view the entire article on this site. Thanks to Laura Wright for the heads up!

4 March 2002:

In its second week of release in America and Canada, Queen of the Damned finished #6 for the weekend of March 1-3, grossing $5.8 million dollars. We Were Soldiers and 40 Days and 40 Nights debuted this weekend and #1 and #2 respectively. Dan Fellman, head of distribution of Warner Bros., explained that it is not abnormal to see big drop-offs on a horror movie. "Fright films often debut strongly as h*rdcore horror fans turn out in big numbers, then plummet the next weekend."

Queen of the Damned was the #1 movie in America last weekend when it grossed $15.2 million dollars. So far the movie has grossed over $21 million dollars overall and is on track to gross $35 million. Warner Bros. is pleased with ticket sales so far, and is chalking up QOTD as a success.

2 March 2002:

Stuart is briefly featured in the March 2002 issue of GQ! He is included in a section about young rising stars. You can view his picture from this article on Stuart's publicity pics page.

25 February 2002:

QUEEN OF THE DAMNED IS THE NUMBER 1 MOVIE IN AMERICA!! We would like to congratulate Stuart, the late Aaliyah who we all miss very much, Director Michael Rymer, Producer Jorge Saralegui, the entire cast and crew, and all the fans for the movie's success!!

Weekend Box Office 22 February 2002

1. Queen of the Damned - $15.2 million
2. John Q. - $12.5 million
3. Dragonfly - $10.4 million
4. Return to Never Land - $9 million
5. Crossroads - $7.1 million

22 February 2002:

Lol so much to say today the text will overflow a little bit! :) Well today is the big day, the North American Release of QOTD! The reviews have been pouring in, some are good, some are bad, but just about everyone agrees it is a fun movie, a good popcorn flick at the very least and at the very best, a superb gothic thriller. It's worthy of Vampire Chronicles fans who understand that the movie is two books made into one story. We are happy to see most reviewers enjoyed Aaliyah and Stuart! We hope everyone will see it and make up their own mind and let's make it the #1 movie! Congrats to all the cast and crew! Here are just about all the reviews on the net, collected at Rotten Tomatoes.

20 February 2002:

Stuart was on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn last night promoting QOTD! We hope to have this on the site for you soon. Thanks to Amy for the heads up!

11 February 2002:

QOTD was screened for the first time Sunday night. Here is movie producer, Jorge Saralegui, in his own words:

"Tonight we screened the final version of QUEEN for the first time, on closing night of the Black Hollywood Film Festival. The movie played well, but I am posting to let Aaliyah's fans know that the tribute to Aaliyah was very, very affecting. Rashad Haughton received an award in Aaliyah's name for offering so much inspiration. I enjoyed hearing what everyone had to say about her, both in person and on the screen. But looking at the many images of her beautiful smile was heartbreaking."

9 February 2002:

Warner Bros. has added more material to the the Offical QOTD flash site including cast biographies. The WB Records' movie soundtrack page has also been updated.

30 January 2002:

TV ads for QOTD will begin in America tomorrow! :) Here are some recent words about Stuart from the movie producer, Jorge Saralegui: "We became very serious about Stuart after seeing his performance in RESURRECTION MAN. Michael Rymer flew to London to audition Stuart, who was acting in a major theater production there at the time. Michael tested three actors, and when we reviewed the tapes was well as Michael's own first-hand observations, it was obvious that Stuart's charisma made him the Lestat for us."

The soundtrack will be in stores very soon, here is a picture of the cover.

20 January 2002:

A VJ on Foxtels Channel V mentioned that the Queen of the Damned premiere was coming up and that Korn (Jonathan Davis) might be playing at it. How cool is that?!!!!!!

10 January 2002:

QOTD is on the cover of Fangoria this month!!! Check out this page for all the info and pics! This is the first magazine cover for the movie.

News Archive
! 2001 NEWS !

23 December 2001:

The Queen of the Damned Trailer is now showing before the Fellowship of the Rings in America. Warner Bros. offical QOTD page is now all systems go.

18 November 2001:

We now have a UK release date for Queen of the Damned; April 19, 2002. We think this is solid enough to report, but of course this could change at any time.

12 November 2001:

Here is an interview that the movie director, Michael Rymer, recently gave to several on-line magazines:

It was a challenging role for her - to play an evil, powerful character . . she worked on her craft and put a lot of energy into it, from movement coaching to dialogue coaching, to harness flying lessons. She did the entire role wearing uncomfortable teeth (prosthetics), heavy make up, difficult costumes and contact lenses. Not only did she deliver like a real pro, she never got grumpy and she never complained. She set a real example.

"This beautiful, slender 21 year old girl impressed me enormously. It's easy to lionise people when they're dead, but I used to say it every day during the shoot."

Aaliyah's family accompanied her on her four month Australian shoot; "I've never seen such a close family," said Rymer.

A scheduled test preview in Los Angeles of Queen of the Damned has been postponed as a sign of respect to Aaliyah, and the finished film will be dedicated to her, Rymer said. "The film will be released in February 2002, as planned even before the tragic accident. It was once slotted for October, but we've still got some sound design work to do, and the studios still have a huge backlog of films to get through. It's really hard for any of us to say how her death will impact on the film."

Rymer said he was pleased with the film: "I think Anne Rice fans will be happy with it - it's not to the letter of her book but it's true to the spirit of it. And I think it's visually the strongest work I've done and the performances are all very strong."

29 October 2001:

About Adam is now available on DVD all over the world!!! It?s at a great price for an art house flick! Here is a link for you to purchase this fab movie on through our site. In the meantime, be sure to watch the About Adam trailers and clips we have on Stuart?s multimedia page!

26 October 2001:

One of the webmasters has picked up Greg Iles?s book, 24 Hours, which Stuart?s upcoming movie is based on. Stuart and Chalize's characters are very tough and will make life very hard for the kidnappers! Everyone is in for a treat and Stu and Char must have had fun playing Dr. and Mrs. Jennings! Greg Iles has a great style and he also wrote the screenplay. We are looking forward to this movie!

Anne Rice's new book in the vamp chronicles, Blood and Gold, keeps climbing the NY Times Bestseller list! Pick this one up to read up on Lestat?s mentor Marius.

21 October 2001:

Some more info on the plot of the Payback All-Star Revue for you;

Stuart, the ringleader of the gang robbing the casino, won?t surrender to the police until he gets to tell his story to the journalist played by Joshua Jackson. So we suspect a good chuck of the movie will be a flashback.

17 October 2001:

Hi everyone! Here are some things we have heard about Stuart and Charlize Theron?s upcoming movie, 24 Hours. We think these are solid enough to put up on the page, but things can change at anytime.

1. There's a rumor Stu will use a Southern accent :O! as he plays a Mississippian doctor. The name of his character is Dr. Will Jennings.

2. Kevin Bacon was going to take the role of the hero (which is stu now of course) but he ended up being the villain instead.

3. Dave Matthews was going to be the villain originally!! But the negations fell through.

4. Stu and Char's daughter is diabetic and the kidnappers don't know this and not giving her insulin and she will die if stu and char call the police so they must take on the kidnappers themselves.

5. The movie is called 24 hours is this is how long a person must be missing for before the police will investigate.

6. The movie had a 30 million dollar budget, filming started on March 19th in Vancouver, Can. and wrapped in late June.

7. The author of the book the movie is based on, Greg Iles, also wrote the screenplay.

20 September 2001:

About Adam will be released on DVD all over the world on Oct. 28th. You can find a place to pre-order a copy on the links page.

11 September 2001:


31 August 2001:

Folks it is official! Queen of the Damned was mentioned on Entertainment Tonight this evening! The American theatre release has been confirmed for February 2002. No confirmations on the Aussie or European releases were mentioned during the show however. :( But at least we know for sure the rumour about it going right to video was false and everything seems to be back on task now? We still suspect the movie to premiere in Australia in November 2001 and Europe getting the movie sometime in March 2002.

30 August 2001:

Update about the sad death of Aailyah;

Authorities in the Bahamas on Sunday pressed on with their investigation into the crash of a Cessna aircraft that took the lives of singer-actress Aaliyah and eight others shortly after takeoff on a flight bound for Opa-Locka, FL. Reporting on the tragedy, Boston Globe music critic Steve Morse commented today (Monday): "It ended the life of a singer who brought a special elegance to the hip-hop/soul genre, as well as a unique charisma to the screen." In addition to recording two hit albums, Aaliyah, born Aaliyah Haughton 22 years ago, had also starred in last year's Romeo Must Die and had completed filming the movie version of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned, in which she played the title character. She had also signed to appear in the next two sequels of The Matrix. Her death extends the sizable list of performers who have died in the crashes of small private craft, including Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper), Patsy Cline, Rick Nelson, Otis Redding, Jim Croce, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

25 August 2001:

From E! On-line, Aaliyah Killed in Plane Crash by Josh Grossberg

Aaliyah, the red-hot R&B singer and budding movie star, was killed with seven others Saturday when the small private plane in which they were travelling crashed after takeoff. She was 22.

The entertainer had been shooting a video in the Bahamas and was preparing to return to the United States.

The Cessna 402, which had just lifted off from the Marsh Harbour airport on Abaco Island en route to Opa-locka, Florida, went down shortly before 7 p.m. ET, according to news reports.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known. However, CNN reports the pilot had asked the passengers to leave behind some of their luggage because the plane's load was too heavy, but the passengers refused.

Aaliyah was one of nine on the plane, eight of whom perished in the crash. The lone survivor later died in the hospital due to complications. The identities of the other victims were not disclosed. Officials would only confirm that two women and six men were killed.

Bahamian aviation officials have launched an investigation into the tragedy. Reps for Aaliyah could not be reached for comment. According to her Website, Aaliyah was on a break from a promotional tour for her self-titled third album, released in July. Her promo tour was to resume next month.

She was born Aaliyah Dana Haughton in Brooklyn on January 16, 1979, and grew up in Detroit.

Aaliyah made a splash with her 1994 debut album, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. The disc's success was overshadowed, however, by a much-rumoured but always denied marriage to her significantly older mentor, R. Kelly, who was 25 to her 15.

Her follow-up CD, 1996's One in a Million, was a multi-platinum smash, spawning the hit single "If Your Girl Only Knew."

She took a break from her recording career to make her movie debut opposite Jet Li in Romeo Must Die. The film certified her as a box-office comer and helped her land starring roles in the two upcoming Matrix sequels (the first of which was due to start shooting soon) and in the Anne Rice vampire adaptation Queen of the Damned.

Between albums, she recorded two monster soundtrack singles: "Try Again," from Romeo Must Die, and "Are You Somebody," from Dr. Dolittle. Both tunes earned her Grammy nominations. Another soundtrack cut, "Journey to the Past," from Fox's Anastasia, earned an Oscar nomination for Best Song.

Last September, Aaliyah picked up two MTV Video Music Awards for her "Try Again" clip.

"Sometimes, when it's just my mom and me kicking it, I say, 'I'm 22, and I've accomplished so much,' " she told E! Online earlier this year. "I just know I have to appreciate every moment."

20 August 2001:

South African goddess Charlize Theron is to be joined by Irish actor Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned) in Luis Mandoki?s kidnapping thriller 24 Hours. The movie, which is scripted by Greg Iles, is a story about two parents (Townsend and Theron) who take it upon themselves to rescue their kidnapped daughter (Dakota Fanning) from experienced nappers, Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love. Townsend will also be starring opposite Kate Hudson in Miramax Films About Adam, which is due for release on March 23 2002.

Stuart is currently shooting his next movie, The Payback All-Star Revue. This will be a comedy were Stuart plays the ringleader to a gang of criminals who pretend to be musicians in order to steal 100 million dollars from the casino their band is playing at. The movie is directed by Srdjan Dragojevic and written by Alan Sereboff.

Filming also began in late March for 24 Hours. It is an action thriller and Stuart co-stars with Dakota Fanning, Courtney Love, and Charlize Theron.

News Archive
! 2000 NEWS !

18 July 2000:

Warner Bros. moves quickly to begin work on Queen of the Damned as the novel rights revert back to Anne Rice if production has not begun October 2001. Michael Rymer is confirmed as director. Aaliyah is confirmed as Queen. Stuart Townsend most likely to play Lestat over the rumoured other contenders of Wes Bentley, Heath Ledger, and Josh Hartnett. (

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