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A supernatural adventure, this adaptation of Anne Rice's best-selling novel follows the legendary vampire Lestat, who has re-invented himself as a rock star in the contemporary American music scene. His music wakes Akasha, the queen of all vampires, and inspires her to want to make Lestat her king. Akasha's malevolent power is so great that all the immortal vampires must stand against her if they want to survive. Meanwhile a young London woman with a fascination for the dark side falls in love with Lestat. Queen of the Damned is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2002. Most of the filming took place in Melbourne, Australia with supplemental footage taken in California.

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Cast: ( or Full credits through here)

Lestat ..... Stuart Townsend
Akasha ..... Aaliyah, who will be greatly missed! :(
Jesse ...... Marguerite Moreau
Armand ..... Matthew Newton
David Talbot ..... Paul McGann
Enkil ...... Peter Olsen
Khayman .... Bruce Spence
Pandora .... Claudia Black
Mael ..... Christian Mannon
Maharet ... Lena Olin
Marius .... Vincent Perez
Roger, the band manager .... Tiriel Mora
Male band member ..... Robert Farnham
Maudy, female band member ..... Megan Dorman
Female vampire .. Renee Quast
Journalist1 ..... Andrew L. Urban
Journalist2 ..... Kirsty Mears
Journalist3 ..... Dino Marnika

The Queen Of The Damned is directed by Michael Rymer and produced by Jorge Saralegui, Su Armstrong and Bruce Berman.

lestat with Blonde hair We all know how much we wanted the longer blonder hair (eg. modified pic on left) on Lestat like Tom Cruise had.. but we feel the hair, makeup, and wardrobe people did a wonderful job on Stuart's image for Lestat. His hair really suits the costumes he wore..we think he looks young and mischievous. Thanks to The Queen of the Damned Movie Cast Site for letting us use this what-if? picture!

Stuart is currently recording some original music..maybe for the movie soundtrack. Korn performed the songs for Queen of the Damned, but you can still hear a little of Stuart's voice from what we hear on the grapevine! He also learnt to play the violin for this role!

Here's the official plot summary from Warner Bros.

Lestat feeds on akasha Legendary Vampire Lestat (STUART TOWNSEND) has risen from a decades-long slumber, determined to step out into the light. No longer content with being banished to the shadows, moving among mortals who never truly see him for what he is, Lestat has reinvented himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a rock star.

The intoxicating lure of his music has snaked its way around the globe, ultimately finding the ear of the slumbering ancient Queen Akasha (AALIYAH) in her crypt beneath the Arctic ice. Mother of all Vampires, Akasha has been resting for centuries, waiting for the right time to rise again and seize dominion over the world. Lestat's music is the revelation she has been waiting for, and she desires that he rule beside her.

Lestat and akasha rose bath But can Akasha be stopped? Her malevolent power may be too great for even the most ancient of the immortal Vampires to combat - she created them, and their survival depends on her own.

After all, Akasha is used to getting everything she wants... and all she wants is Hell on Earth.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in Association with Village Roadshow Pictures and NPV Entertainment, a Material Production, Queen of the Damned starring STUART TOWNSEND, AALIYAH and MARGUERITE MOREAU, with VINCENT PEREZ and LENA OLIN. Directed by MICHAEL RYMER, the film is produced by JORGE SARALEGUI; the screenplay is by SCOTT ABBOTT and MICHAEL PETRONI, based on The Vampire Chronicles by ANNE RICE; the Executive Producers are SU ARMSTRONG, ANDREW MASON, BILL GERBER and BRUCE BERMAN; the Director of Photography is IAN BAKER; the Production Designer is GRAHAM "GRACE" WALKER; the Editor is DANY COOPER; with music by RICHARD GIBBS and JONATHAN DAVIS.

Michael Rymer on-line interview

Here is an interview that the movie director, Michael Rymer, recently gave to several on-line magazines:

"It was a challenging role for her - to play an evil, powerful character . . she worked on her craft and put a lot of energy into it, from movement coaching to dialogue coaching, to harness flying lessons. She did the entire role wearing uncomfortable teeth (prosthetics), heavy make up, difficult costumes and contact lenses. Not only did she deliver like a real pro, she never got grumpy and she never complained. She set a real example."

Lestat and akasha rose bath 2 "This beautiful, slender 21 year old girl impressed me enormously. It's easy to lionise people when they're dead, but I used to say it every day during the shoot."

Aaliyah's family accompanied her on her four month Australian shoot; "I've never seen such a close family," said Michael Rymer.

"A scheduled test preview in Los Angeles of Queen of the Damned has been postponed as a sign of respect to Aaliyah, and the finished film will be dedicated to her," Michael Rymer said. "The film will be released in February 2002, as planned even before the tragic accident. It was once slotted for October, but we've still got some sound design work to do, and the studios still have a huge backlog of films to get through. It's really hard for any of us to say how her death will impact on the film."

Michael Rymer said he was pleased with the film: "I think Anne Rice fans will be happy with it - it's not to the letter of her book but it's true to the spirit of it. And I think it's visually the strongest work I've done and the performances are all very strong."