19 Feb 2002
- transcript -

(Thanks as always to Debs from the QOTD Cast site for allowing us to post this and thanks also to NyteTouch who transcribed it! :) We hope to have the footage up very soon!)

Owned by CBS, The Late Late Show from 1999 was hosted by Craig Kilborn (formerly the host of 'The Daily Show'), and saw the show transition to an entertaining Letterman-like program. Here we have the transcript when Stuart Townsend appeared on the show due to his character Lestat in the Queen of the Damned Movie. (Since 2005, The Late Late Show has been compared by Craig Ferguson.)

Stuart discusses his character lestat in Queen of the Damned and of his upcoming movie 24 hours with Courtney Love and of course, his love of Guinness...

Interview Transcipt

Craig: Welcome back, our next guest is a talented young Irish actor who won rave reviews for his work in an independent film 'Wonder Lands'. Starting this Friday you can catch him in his first American Blockbuster 'Queen of the Damned.'


~Jesse is wearing dark eyeshadow and rose red lipstick, looking sadly off in the distance. Lestat is looking at her from behind.

Lestat: All that, seems suddenly more precious than anything I've ever known.

~Cut to Jesse's upper breast... she is wearing bright red nail polish and is holding a pin. She glides it over her skin and blood is drawn, and you hear a scratching noise as it cuts her. As she begins to cut, she says, "Not as precious as you think." She says it rather carelessly and quiet. As she finishes cutting a 2-3 inch long cut, we see Lestat gasp and go backwards from her. After he looks to the cut, and back to her, almost wanting to take the blood but looking as if he is thinking 'Please don't tempt me', she says, "Do it."


Craig: Please welcome Stuart Townsend.

Audience claps, yells, music plays. Stu is wearing dark blue jeans, a black button up shirt, his hair is shorter and brown. He's also wearing a necklace thing and brown shoes!

Craig: Nice to meet you. (They sit) Do you have any uh...

Stu: Whatever you're feeding these guys (the audience) I want some.

Craig: I know, they're excited aren't they? They want a nice long sto-... do you got any nice long stories about meeting pro athletes, or anything like that?

Audience laughs

Stu: This is my forte.

Craig: Yeah, so tell me, let me hear, let me hear how strong the Irish accent is.

Stu: Well it's as bad as , you know, it's like at home it gets a lot stronger.

Craig: Why?

Stu: It's like this you know, I mean, you now, I have no idea what's going on, wha...

Craig: Oh yeah,... did you just swear by the way?

Stu: No I didn't swear.

Craig: Oh ok.

Stu: It wasn't a swear. It was an Irish swear.

Craig: It was an Irish swear. And, and what uh, people mistake your name, you say your name's Stuart and they hear something else?

Stu: Yeah, it's a weird sort of American phenomenon.

Craig: Let me hear you say 'Hi, I'm Stuart.'

Stu: I say 'Hi my name's ~Steeew-urt~ (sounds like "steward" ). Right?

Craig: Did you just say something else? Say it again.

Stu: People go, people go, George?

Craig: Yeah.

Audience laughs

Stu: And then I go, 'no, Stu'. And they go 'jew?'

Audience laughs

Craig: Yeah.

Stu: I don't know what that is.

Craig: Get rid of the accent when you're over here, man, it's pretty simple.

Stu: It's Stuart! (Waves to the audience with a rather homosexual accent and wave of the hand) Hi, I'm Stuart... (it's SO funny!!)

Craig: There you go, there you go.

Audience laughs and yells "woo!!"

Stu: (looks to audience and does the gay wave again) Hi!!

Craig: Actually, um... what little village in Ireland did you grow up in?

Stu: I grew up in a place called Howthe. It's a little fishing village.

Craig: What'd you say, George? What'd you say?

Audience and Stuart laugh.

Craig: And, and uh, do you go back there?

Stu: Yeah

Craig: Yeah? And do you have a home there do you have or do you live, I think...

Stu: Actually I have a house in London, yeah.

Craig: Oh you're the man

Stu: I haven't been back home since this summer.

Craig: Because you're working so much, you're on the road. How do they treat you back home?

Stu: (smiles) Great.

Craig: You're the man?

Stu: Yeah, there's a famous expression, it's uh... I can't curse again (he covers his mouth)

Craig: Oh, you just did. Oh go ahead, you can say penis.

Stu: Oh yeah I know, I realize that.

Craig: Irishmen like saying that, don't they?

Stu: Yeah, they're great at Dublin. They're supportive.

Craig: What do you like about America the most?

Stu: Eh... the Laker girls.

Craig: Ha! Is that right? Is that it?

Audience laughs and woo's

Craig: There's gotta be more. Do you go to the Laker games?

Stu: Yeah, once or twice.

Craig: And the Laker girls have caught your fancy?

Stu: Well I didn't know about the Laker girls, I was you know, I just though I was gunna see some basketball, we had to sing the national anthem, and suddenly these girls came out.

Craig: See I've seen, because I've watched basketball for years, so, but a foreigner might...

(the boring conversation goes on and on...)

Craig: I understand you got your driver's license?

Stu: I did.

Craig: How did that go, was it tough? U.S. driver's license...

Stu: US one yeah, cuz the Irish one is 'bout (motions size) about that size you can't fit it into your pocket..

Craig: Ahh... hha....

Stu: It's a huh.. he....

Audience laughs, Stu gives Craig a funny look, he rubs his chin.

(it goes on...)


Craig: Alright, so... this is the big one, this is Queen of the Damned. Blockbuster.

Stu: Queen of the Damned.

Craig: And you've been doing a lot of press for it and you're sick of certain questions so I don't want to ask those questions.

Stu: (jokingly) 'What does the blood taste like?'flaunt Stuart Townsend

Craig: Oh is that what they say?

Stu: Yeah, that's the standard.

Craig: What does it taste like?

Audience laughs, Stuart gets an annoyed face.

Craig: Ahh no I'm kidding. Who cares? I don't care.

Stu: Coffee

Craig: Coffee! There you go. Ah, uh, but what is it about?

Stu: Ahm, it's about vampires, funny enough.

Craig: Yeah

Stu: Um.. It's about, I don't know, I suppose it's the Anne Rice themes of immortality, and what do you do with eternity, and it's sort of like a rock and roll version of Interview with the Vampire.

Craig: There is something, there's always been something sexy about the vampires when they go to the neck, they have the girls with fangs in some of the movies and stuff, do we have girls with fangs in this movie?

Stu: We have a lot of fangs yeah, in this... (laughs).

Craig: Are there girls with fangs?

Stu: There's girls with fangs, there's guys with fangs, there's sorta people you don't really know what they are with fangs.


Craig: And there's a big concert scene that you have?

Stu: Yeah, that was pretty wild. I did this concert in front of 3,000..

Craig: You're a singer.. you're, what are you?

Stu: I'm miming.

Craig: You're miming.

Stu: I still manage to do my voice, but I was miming, yeah.

Craig: How do you prepare for that?

Stu: You just jump around a lot in your bedroom.


Craig: Yeah... Our sources, Stuart, tell us that you were nervous about...

Stu: Sources...?

Craig: Yeah, that you drank tequila for that scene?

Stu: Oh, that's sad, that's... that's true actually (laughs)

Craig: True yeah?

Lots of laughter

Craig: Is that how it works?

Stu: Yeah I had a few mates from Ireland over and once I saw the 3,000 people, in black, in the desert in Melbourne, I freaked. And I had to go back to my trailer for some uh...

Craig: Just to loosen up.

Stu: Yeah ya know just like, refreshments.

Craig: Tequila, by the way, just to educate the young people, tequila..

Stu: Don't do this at home.

Craig: Uh the models drink it because it's less fattening. Beer is very, beer is very fattening. What do you guys drink growing up, what do you guys drink?

Stu: Guinness.

Craig: Guinness, that's it? Cuz I...

Stu: Lots of Guinness.

-Audience roars "Yeeeah....!!!"

Stu: Yaaa!!! Guinness...!

Craig: I like the Scotch, I like the single malt Scotch (?). You don't care about that?

(they talk about Guinness and Scotch....)

Craig: Uh, what's next for you after this?

Stu: I have a movie called 24 Hours coming up. [Trapped. -Ed.]

Craig: I think I've heard of that, have I?

Stu: No, that's a, there's a ...24 Hours...

Craig: The TV show, yeah.

Stu: Or 24

Craig: 24.

Stu: Ours is 24 Hours.

Craig: Ok.


Craig: Have you already shot it?

Stu: Yeah.

Craig: And who else is in it?

Stu: Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love.

Craig: Wow, that's great!

Audience woo's, "ow!"

Craig: How did, how did uh, how did you guys get along with Courtney Love?

Stu: Ah Courtney's an, she's an interesting one (laughs).

Craig: She's great, we've done, we've done monologues now for a couple years and she always makes the monologues.

Stu: Did you invite her on the show?

Craig: Oh yeah. She's great. She'll never do the show.

Lots of laughter.

Craig: Anyway, nice meeting you, big hand for Stuart Townsend, he's in Queen of the Damned, we'll be right back.