Stuart Townsend gallery head

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XIII 24 October 2010 Canal+
bdbphotos pic  

December 2009 bdbphotos
bdbphotos pic  

Battle in Seattle

Also Stuart Tonwsend was recently in some photos in Flaunt magazine,
thanks to Pam for scanning them and
GlamourElf for setting them up on a Photobucket account
right here

Will & Grace.
Stuart Townsend played Edward on the episode called "The Fabulous Baker Boy".
It orginally aired in the US on 2/24/05.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Sent in by Stephanie

Another new LXG pic

LXG pics. Thank you Tina Hoffmann.

LXG pics. Thanks Tami and Sarah.

Thanks to Sarah

Stuart Townsend and Charlize modelling for the June issue of Elle magazine

Stuart as Dorain Grey in LXG. Thanks to Mona.

Thanks to Samantha

Queen of the Damned

Screencaptures from Terrie from
Stuart On-Line.

Courtesy of Garnet, from Jane Magazine.

Orpheus Descending. Thanks to Mona for these pictures and info.
Here is the article

April Issue of Flaunt Magazine, where Stuart Tonwnsend is featured.
Thanks to Garnet

Queen of the Damned

The beautiful Charlize accompanied Stuart to the Australian QOTD premiere.