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Wonderland Poster - 1999

Wonderland Mini Poster


Released: 1999
Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama

The 1999 Drama with Stuart Townsend cast as Tim.


Celebrating Guy Fawkes Day, the members of this British working-class family begin to see their lives fall apart.

Parents Eileen (Kika Markham) and Bill (Jack Shepherd) have four adult children. Bill is unemployed, not sure of what to do. Eileen is being driven nuts by noisy neighbors.

Niether has recently seen their son Darren (Enzo Cilenti). Daughter Nadia (Gina McKee) works in a cafe and has trouble meeting men, whilst daughter Debbie (Shirley Henderson) is suddenly a single mother and daughter Molly (Molly Parker) who is soon to become a mother herself, suddenly out finds her husband has quit his job to chase his dream of hopefully becoming a chef.


This film got enthusiastic reviews for its ensemble cast at the Cannes Film Festival in 1999.


Michael Nyman's 38th album release is titled Wonderland and is the soundtrack to the 1999 film of the same name, i.e. Wonderland.