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Under the Skin VHS - 1997

Under the Skin Mini Poster

Under the Skin

Released: 1997
Rating: R18+ Adult Themes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Under the Skin is a drama in which Stuart Townsend plays the character of Tom opposite Samantha Morton.


Greiving the loss of her mother (Rita Tushingham) we follow daughter Iris (Samantha Morton) on her path of self destruction whilst she lives in the hope that through major life changes and promiscuity she will be able to fulfil this new found internal void.

Aided by lying, Iris distances herself from sister Rose (Claire Rushbrook) of whom she is envious.

But there is still some road that needs to be travelled before the sisters can be reconciled and for Iris to find happiness again.


Description: The story is set in Liverpool over a two-month period, at the start of which Iris and her older sister Rose are poleaxed by the sudden death of their mom. Their dad left 10 years ago for Australia, and the two very different women are suddenly left parentless. Iris is restless and a dreamer, and has a somewhat boring boyfriend, Rose, settled into suburban life, is married to reliable Frank and is seven months pregnant. One night Iris bumps into young Irishman Tom (Stuart Townsend) in a movie theater and they have spontaneous sex in an alley. Donning her mom's wig, fur coat and sunglasses, Iris becomes increasingly prey to erotic fantasies, casual sex (including a drunken attempt on Frank), and her obsession with the mysteriously itinerant Tom. Meanwhile, her relationships with buttoned-up Rose and best friend Vron are pushed to the limit.