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Trojan Eddie DVD - 1996

Trojan Eddie Poster

Trojan Eddie

Released: 1996
Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance

Stuart Townsend acting the role of Dermot, sales partner with Trojan Eddie (Stephen Rea) whom is a small time ex con with a talent for selling anything and everything and needs to stay one step ahead of Power (Richard Harris).


Set in Ireland, this beautifully rendered crime, drama, romance film has Local godfather John Power (Richard Harris) order his minion peddler Trojan Eddie (Stephen Rea) to track down his nephew Dermot (Stuart Townsend) who has run off with his wife Kathleen (Aislin McGluckin) on thier wedding night and also with the hefty cash portion of their wedding dowry.

Trojan Eddie has always wanted to own his own business but has always lacked the wherewithal to get it started.

Power becomes more enraged and violent and is suspicious of Trojan Eddie's involvement and Eddie knows it. He also knows he must track down Demot and rise above suspicion and get out of Power's sights.