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The Best Man DVD - 2005

The Best Man Mini Poster

The Best Man

Released: 2005
Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Romance

How a loser helps his best friend win the woman of his dreams.

Also released as:
Best Man, Worst Friend (TV)
Unhitched (DVD)


This movie sees Stuart Townsend cast as Olly Pickering, a promising young writer whose penmanship in the opening chapters of a contrived novel snares him a hefty cash advance from an unfortunate editor (Simon Callow). Unfortunate because he ends up out of pocket when Olly Pickering contracts a stifling bout of writer's block.

Murray (Seth Green), Olly's outragous fun seeking best friend and house mate puts his scheming mind to work when Olly's dead-end, nothing and nowhere life changes track after an old college pal James (Steve John Shepherd) re-enters Olly's life to request he be the best man at his planned future wedding.

When James throws a party and extends an invite to the recently reunited buddy Olly, Olly meets and instantly falls head over heels in love with the beautiful Sarah Barker (Amy Smart). To Olly's disappointment and to Murray's joy, they discover that the beautiful Sarah Barker is actually James' bride-to-be, but some of the facts also cause them to wonder if this wedding should be at all.

And thus the stage is set for Murray, being devoid of any loyalty to James, to see if he can orchestrate a way to put his best mate next to the woman of his dreams and squeeze the would be groom out of the picture. The question is, can it be done and will the best man win?


This romantic comedy was directed by British filmmaker Stefan Schwartz set in London though mostly filmed in Hungary. He has previously directed another movie with Stuart Townsend titled Shooting Fish (1997).


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