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Shade Soundtrack - 2003

Shade Mini Poster


Released: 2003
Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Stuart Townsend plays Vernon, a hustler longing for that once in a lifetime chance to sit down into a high stakes game with The Dean, The king of the poker hustling world.


Lie, Cheat, Steal... your deal!

Real-life card shark Damian Nieman, who wrote and directed the picture tells the story of a couple of con artists wishing to beat the "Dean" (Sylvester Stallone), a legendary card shark, in a high-stakes poker game.

Their first step is to hire two smooth talking fellow tricksters, Larry (Jamie Foxx) and Vernon (Stuart Townsend), to provide and to procure the necessary funds.

Unfortunately, Larry blows his hand and suddenly finds himself with 85,000 dollars worth of debt owed to a local crime boss.