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Resurrection Man DVD - 1998

Resurrection Man Mini Poster

Resurrection Man

Released: 1998
Rating: R18+

Genre: Crime

Set in Belfast, 1975, Stuart Townsend plays the role of Victor Kelly, a young protestant psychopath who joins a gang of Loyalist killers documented as the Shankill Butchers in Martin Dillon's authorative work on the subject.


Brilliant award winning performance as the violent psychopath Victor Kelly (Stuart Townsend) who is the rising star of a ruthless gang that are locally known as the Resurrection Men.

Journalist Ryan (James Nesbitt) is given the task of writing up the first murder but soon becomes obessed with the gangs activities.

Resurrection Men is based on Martin Dillon's book on the Shankill Butchers, who were responsible for the death of more than 30 people in sectarian attacks, paramilitary feuds, personal grudges etc. Martin Dillon thoroughly researched this era of Belfast history. His work is available via the books link on the left of the page. The movie was initially on VHS but is now available in DVD format.


Award for Stuart Townsend at the Fantafestival: Best Actor, RESURRECTION MAN (1998)