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Queen of the Damned Book - 2002

Queen of the Damned Mini Poster

Queen of the Damned

Released: 2002
Rating: 15+

Genre: Vampire, Romance

Filmed in Melbourne Australia, Anne Rice's Lestat (Stuart Townsend) becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires.


As a rockstar, Lestat seeks fame. His music so powerful it can and does awaken the vampire queen, Akasha (Aaliyah) whom chooses to seek out Lestat as her king as part of her design to rule world.

But a group of ancient vampires unite with a secret order in an effort to stop Akasha fulfilling her goals.


Queen of the Damned has become a cult classic with Stuart Townsend playing Lestat.


QUEEN OF THE DAMNED's second soundtrack release, The Score Album. There are two totally different soundtrack releases for Queen of the Damned. As fans know from previous ramblings on our site, Stuart Townsend is also a capable musician. Warner Bros. were happy for him to write and record some songs for this movie and/or soundtrack of QUEEN OF THE DAMNED which he did. Not sure where they are however, the Score Album CD release does have a number of tracks penned by Korn's Jonathan Davis who had to recruit another voice for the singing parts due to his contractual obligations. He selected Jeff Scott Soto who wrote some of the original rock music for the film "Rock Star". Composer Richard Gibbs was the other contributor to this QOTD album whom has previously scored films such as Shakespear's "Taming of the shrew" revisited as "10 Things i Hate About You" as well as "28 Days" amongst others.