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Head in the Clouds DVD - 2004

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Head in the Clouds

Released: 2004
Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Romance

This drama, romance film, Head in the Clouds, sees Stuart Townsend play the role of Guy Malyon, a working-class Irish student on a scholarship at Cambridge University.


Stuart Townsend is Guy Malyon in the 2004 movie titled 'Head in the Clouds'. Set in the polictical unrest of the 1930's and spanning over England, Paris, and Spain.

It is wonderful to see real-life couple Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend work together in this moving romantic drama.

Charlize Theron is Gilda Besse, the whimsical socialite whom is charmed by the smooth Guy Malyon (Stuart Townsend). Guy also has a penchant of defeating facism in spain.

It is this interest that draws him closer toward Gilda's beautiful spanish born confidant Mia (Penelope Cruz), a nurse with similar ideals. But, unbeknowst to Guy, they already shared another common interest, Gilda.

Leaving Paris and inspite of Gilda's pleas, both Guy and Mia set off for Spain. He to learn how to fight the good fight and she to tend those whom find themselves wounded.

But fate wants the saved to become the saviour. (2 hrs 12 mins)


Availabe is a beautiful poster of Charlize Theron with beau Stuart Townsend. (Or of course with the awesome Penelope Cruz, or both)