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Goal DVD - 2005

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Released: 2005
Rating: 15+

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport

Goal Soccer trilogy.
a) Goal! - The Dream Begins (2006)
b) Goal2 - Living the Dream
c) Goal3 - The Miracle Match DVD


Santiago (Kuno Becker) is a kid with a God-given talent and a dream. Like a million other kids, he wants to be a professional soccer star. But, living in the Barrios of East LA, he is a million miles and a lifetime away from ever being able to make that dream a reality. Until one day. When something extraordinary happens...


In 2003, Movie screens came alive when the very successful BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM was released telling the tale of a female teenager in South London who dreams of goal- scoring glory, Like that of her ball bending idol, David Beckham who had long since become a house hold name for his amazing ability on the soccer feild.

It should be no surprise that the real life story would emerge like when in 2004, the publically announced that Stuart Townsend will play the 'big star', Beckham-esque footballer in the film Goal!, which acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom is filming in the UK.

Michael Winterbottom did started shooting this film but parted ways with the production citing creative differences. His assembled cast included Diego Luna and local to England actors Stuart Townsend and James Nesbitt as well as footballers Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer.

Stuart Townsend: 'I will not be returning to finish "Goal". Michael Winterbottom walked off the picture because of disagreements with the producers. To work with him was the only reason I was on Goal. So sadly, it's not happening.' And so it is that Stuart Townsend does not appear in the trilogy and we next see him the romantic comedy "The Best man / Unhitched" whch followed soon after.

Producer and co-writer Mike Jefferies looking to mirror an off-pitch saga based on the life of David Beckham, the England team captain, over three movies then enlisted Director Danny Cannon who inturn did re-cast the film.