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Blood Sucking Cinema DVD - 2007

Blood Sucking Cinema

Blood Sucking Cinema

Released: 2007

Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Documentary, Horror

Full title: Bloodsucking Cinema - The Origin and Evolution of the Vampire Movie

Gentlemen, we are dealing with the undead! -Van Helsing

Stuart Townsend forged his name into the annals of Hollywood vampire history for his brilliant performance as the vampire Lestat in film adaptation for books 2 and 3 of Anne Rices' Vampire Chronicles, The Queen of the Damned.

There is little doubt that a good vampire tale has continually been able to find its niche in the Hollywood diet over the years. Starz Channel compiled this fresh documentary that explores the workings of the various mindsets of those whom bring the character to life.

Here we have a great collection of actors, writers, directors and critics all adding to this analysis of the history of Vampire. Blood Sucking Cinema features interviews with John Carpenter, John Landis, Leonard Maltin, Harry Knowles, Cheech Marin, Stewart Townsend, Len Wiseman, Joel Schumacher, Uwe Boll, Corey Haim, Kristanna Loken. We will also see some great scenes from many old vampire greats including Nosferatu from 1922 as well as Hammer horror film snippets and many many more.

Of course with Stuart Townsends unforgettable acting as Lestat in this movie, the DVD would not be complete. Lestat is still one of the most popular vampires in tale.

Starz/Anchor Bay's Blood Sucking Cinema premiered on Friday, October 26th 2007.'s page for the movie trailer is currently down, but we hope they get it up and going soon enough.