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Assembling the League DVD - 2003

Assembling the League Mini Poster

Assembling the League

Released: 2003
Rating: 15+

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Stuart Townsend as Dorian Gray in the 'Assembling the League' DVD extra The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen special featurette.


Stuart Townsend plays the immortal Dorian Gray, in an exclusive 'Assembling the League' featurette is currently only available in the Two-Disc Special Edition DVD of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

This 54 minute featurette actually consists of six smaller features. Each smaller featurette is titled:
The Nemomobile,
Making Mr. Hyde,
Resurrecting Venice
Sinking Venice

which all combine for one long piece via the Play All option in the two disc special edition DVD.

There are movie poster links for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen located in our filmography under 'the league'. Obviously, no bedroom wall is really complete without the Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend) poster to immortalize the immortal. Don't you think? Huh?


Our internal links (right) have some great interviews in which Stuart Townsend discusses the making of the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen feature film.