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About Adam DVD - 2000

About Adam Mini Poster

About Adam

Released: 2000
Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Romance

About Adam movie DVD starring Stuart Townsend and Kate Hudson.


About Adam is a comedy, romance film about three sisters and their brother, whom all successively fall prey to the wiles of Adam (Stuart Townsend ), a serial seducer.

Set in Dublin, waitress/singer Lucy Owens (Kate Hudson) with a past studded with short term boyfriends is hoping her luck has changed when she meets a hot and shy Adam (Stuart Townsend), whose magnetism charms not only the oblivious Lucy, but each of the siblings in house! The other beautiful women starring in the show are of course Frances O'Connor and Charlotte Bradley. (98 min)


Some of us wathced the About Adam debut at the Sundance Film Festival on 28 January 2000. The intention was to launch the movie in August. This movie is now available on both VHS and DVD video. A delightful promotional movie poster of the film is also available.


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