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Vampire Stuart Townsend
Interview Stuart Townsend

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I first met Stuart Townsend whilst working on location during the making of Queen of the Damned (Interview with the vampire part 2 and 3). It was a very big ask for any actor to follow and fill Tom Cruise's shoes as Lestat (a central vampire featured in the Vampire Chronicles series of books created by Anne Rice), and some will say he bested him as Stuart Townsend did a bang up job as many fans will tell you. (Just take a wonder through our guest book!) Such a brilliant job he did that he was asked to also appear in the 2007 release of Blood Sucking Cinema (Now available on DVD which you can also purchase through this site). Also, I spent a couple of days on location during the filming of Battle in Seattle. I hope you all own your own copy by now.

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Orpheus Descending Stuart Townsend

Dorian Gray Stuart Townsend
Dorian Gray Stuart Townsend