Fangoria #210

This is the first cover that Queen of the Damned has been on! There are some cool new pics of Lestat, Akasha, and the rest of the cast in this issue! :^) Thanks once again to Debs at THE QOTD MOVIE CAST SITE!

Excerpted from FANGORIA #210, on sale now. For the complete article, please see the newsstand edition.


Even in broad daylight, if you walk down the right Melbourne, Australia alleyways, you can glimpse vampires. Naturally, this occurrence has increased dramatically during QUEEN OF THE DAMNEDís shoot all over the city (followed by pickup shots in LA). The locations for the film (which Warner Bros. releases February 22) range from a disused quarry pit to a giant factory space on the outskirts of suburbia; today, Fango finds itself on a street outside the upscale restaurant Rosatiís, as lunchtime crowds surge back and forth. From within their midst emerges a figure in white. A ghost? An omen? No, just makeup FX expert Bob (DEAD ALIVE) McCarron, strolling around in his standard blindingly pristine (but soon not to be), blazingly white overalls.

Fango gets a quick peek inside the bar before filming re-commences, and suffice to say it is well set up for any type of bloodbath. The only light emanates from the well-stocked serving area and the adjacent stage. Five feet back, and youíre enveloped in total darkness. Anything can happen--and a lot does in QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, which combines an adaptation of the eponymous Anne Rice book with elements of her previous bloodsucker chronicle, THE VAMPIRE LESTAT. Described by its makers as a ďsupernatural adventure,Ē QUEEN follows the legendary Lestat (Stuart Townsend), who has reinvented himself as a rock star in the contemporary American scene. His music wakes Akasha (Aaliyah), the queen of all vampires, and inspires her to want to make Lestat her king--but Akashaís malevolent power is so great that the rest of the immortal vampire race must stand against her if they want to survive. Things get complicated when Jesse (FIRESTARTER: REKINDLEDís Marguerite Moreau), a young Englishwoman with a fascination for the dark side, falls in love with Lestat. The screenplay was adapted by Scott Abbott, who did the basic groundwork for the story; other contributing writers include Michael Petroni (who shares final script credit with Abbott), Bernie Goldman and director Michael Rymer.

Back outside, the excitable Moreau positively vibrates as she chats about her role of Jesse and the whole DAMNED thing. ďIím fascinated by vampires,Ē she says. ďI donít know about other actresses, but itís always been high on my agenda. Iíve always wanted to play a vampire, be eaten by a vampire, eat like a vampire. I saw BRAM STOKERíS DRACULA and went around for hours going sluuurp.Ē

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