Amy's interview with Jorge Saralegui

This interview [sic] was done by our pal, Amy Nelson, and ran in the Lexington Herald-Leader. Be sure to visit her Stu site at (site down), More than a man. GREAT JOB MATE!!

Queen of the Damned, opening February 22, is based on an adaptation of two of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles "The Vampire Lestat" and "Queen of the Damned".

The movie was first made widely public after famed singer and fledgling actress Aaliyah was killed in a tragic plane crash in August of last year, nine months after completing the title role of Queen Akasha.

Korn Job

I personally caught up with the movies producer Jorge Saralegui and had the pleasure of doing an interview with this up-and-coming marvel of modern film.

Mr. Saralegui, who graduated from Antioch College in Ohio, began his film career at a small theater in San Francisco where he chose what classic films were screened. He later became a freelance script reader and struggling novelist who's first book "Last Rites" centered around the vampire genre. He was soon offered a job as a junior studio executive where he oversaw the making of films such as "Independence Day", "Broken Arrow" and "Alien Resurrection" for Twentieth Century Fox.

In his first few months as a producer in 1998 Saralegui was offered a chance to produce "Queen of the Damned" after his successful production of "Red Planet", he accepted the offer and quickly read the books in order to find a way to make them into a movie. He soon realized this was not an easy task. His thought was not to create a sequel to the classic "Interview with the Vampire" instead Saralegui's vision was to adapt the detailed work of Queen of the Damned into an independent, stand-alone film.

When Tom Cruise declined to reprise his role as the incomparable vampire Lestat, Irish newcomer Stuart Townsend stepped in to fill the role. He was selected for this film because of his dramatic good looks and his outstanding acting ability featured in minor films such as "Resurrection Man" and the independent film "Simon Magus". Matthew Newton

In addition to Townsend, is the young Australian actor Matthew Newton who accurately portrays the character Armand, who was miscast by the more mature Antonio Banderas in "Interview with the Vampire".

Claudia Black

The cult favorite, Claudia Black of the sci-fi series "Farscape" lends her talents as the ancient beauty Pandora the vampire (pictured) product of Marius who is played by French actor Vincent Perez. Perez has also appeared in "The Crow City of Angels" and more recently in "I Dreamed of Africa".

Marguerite Moreau

Rounding out the cast is Marguerite Moreau as Jessie the love interest of Lestat. She will soon be seen in the staring role of the sci-fi channel's mini series "Firestarter Rekindled."

Another attractive component of this movie is the unique soundtrack manned and created by Jonathan Davis, (KORN pic - center) front-man of the popular alternative rock band Korn, along with veteran soundtrack innovator Richard Gibbs who together created the five "Vampire Lestat" songs as well as the score. Jonathan Davis also lent his singing voice to the rock 'n' roll performance of Lestat.

Weather you have read Anne Rice's books or not the film version of "Queen of the Damned" has all the components to not "suck".